The Wife Showmax Season 3, Past Seasons and Character Details

The Wife Showmax Season 3

The Wife Showmax Season 3, a captivating telenovela on Showmax, explores the lives of the powerful Zulu crime family. From Season 1’s unexpected love affairs to Season 3’s gripping conclusion, the series has become a sensation.

The Wife Showmax Season 3:

The Wife Showmax Season 3, a riveting telenovela exclusive to Showmax, provides an immersive look into the lives of the powerful Zulu crime family. With its unique narrative focus on the women who marry the eight Zulu brothers, the series delves into complex relationships, hidden secrets, and the intricate dynamics of a notorious family. Here’s a glimpse into the past seasons and character details that have captivated audiences.

The Wife Showmax Season 1:

Inspired by Dudu Busani-Dube’s bestseller, “Hlomu the Wife,” Season 1 introduces Mbalenhle Mavimbela as “Hlomu the Wife,” a journalist entangled in an unexpected love affair with taxi driver Mqhele, portrayed by Bonko Khoza. The season unravels the hidden secrets that come with love, showcasing the talented cast’s ability to bring depth to their characters.

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The Wife Showmax Season 2:

Season 2 draws inspiration from the sequel novel, “Zandile the Resolute,” with Khanyi Mbau brilliantly portraying Zandile, the matriarch of the Zulu family. The criminal activities of the Zulu brothers make headlines, and Wiseman Mncube takes on the role of Mqhele, continuing the complex love story with Hlomu.

The Wife Showmax Season 3:

Season 3 has shattered viewing records, earning praise for its impeccable production. The season introduces fresh faces, with Wiseman Mncube taking on the iconic ‘National Husband’ role. Early reviews laud the series, setting a new standard for television production. The final season promises a gripping conclusion to the saga of the Zulu crime family.

Character Details:

The talented ensemble cast brings depth and authenticity to their characters:

  1. Mqhele (Bonko Khoza):
    • A seemingly loving family man with inner demons.
    • Relentlessly pursues his desires, shaping his reality.
  2. Hlomu (Mbalenhle Mavimbela):
    • A spirited investigative journalist is torn between truth and love.
    • Mavimbela brings complexity to this character with her performance.
  3. Nkosana (Mondli Makhoba):
    • The eldest Zulu brother assumes leadership after their parents’ tragic murder.
    • Known for thoughtful and deliberate actions.
  4. Nqoba (Abdul Khoza):
    • A man who believes in “hit first and explain later.”
    • Abdul Khoza skillfully portrays this character’s assertive nature.
  5. Qhawe (Kwenzo Ngcobo):
    • The endearing strategist of the family.
    • Falls in love with Hlomu at first sight, portrayed by Kwenzo Ngcobo.
  6. Sambulo (Sipho Ndlovu):
    • A laidback, humorous, and enigmatic hitman.
    • The discreet adhesive that keeps the brothers united.


The Wife Showmax Seasons 1 to 3 have left an indelible mark on Showmax viewers, with its compelling storyline and nuanced character portrayals. As the series reaches its conclusion in Season 3, viewers can enjoy the full journey of the Zulu crime family on Showmax. Visit the official Showmax page to stream all episodes and witness the captivating drama unfold.

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