Showmax Pro Discontinued From 30-Nov-2023: Changes and Updates

Showmax Pro Being Discontinued

MultiChoice Group has announced the discontinuation of “Showmax Pro,” paving the way for a significant relaunch of the Showmax platform by the end of the year. The decision comes as part of a strategic move to streamline sports content, focusing solely on Premier League football, deemed the most-watched football league in Africa.

Changes and Phased Out Date:

Showmax Pro, in its current form, will be phased out by November 30th, as communicated to subscribers. MultiChoice emphasizes its commitment to maintaining a robust sports offering while preparing for the platform’s relaunch.

Updated Showmax Pro News:

Showmax Pro’s new iteration will bring updated pricing and product information. It blends the core Showmax entertainment package with sports events from SuperSport, offering an array of content including Premier League football, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, the FA Cup, and more. The platform has also been a home for thrilling athletics, running, and boxing competitions.

Subscription Transition:

Existing Showmax customers in South Africa will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition to the “DStv Compact Plus” Stream package at the same price as their current Showmax (Pro) subscription. This presents a monthly savings of R200, with DStv Stream Compact Plus available at R549 per month, compared to Showmax Pro’s R349 per month. The offer includes exclusive streaming of 115 live channels, access to the entire DStv video-on-demand library, and continued access to Showmax’s entertainment catalog.

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Communication and Exclusivity:

MultiChoice will directly communicate sign-up details to Showmax Pro customers, ensuring a smooth transition. However, it’s essential to note that this offer won’t extend to Showmax Pro mobile-only subscribers.

Final Changes and Showmax’s Future:

Starting from October 1st, Showmax Pro will no longer be available for new subscriptions. These changes align with MultiChoice’s preparations for the upcoming significant overhaul of Showmax, expected to be completed by the end of the year. MultiChoice Group CEO Calvo Mawela highlighted that the new version of Showmax, referred to as ‘version 2,’ will incorporate strategic and technical input from co-investor NBCUniversal.

Showmax Support:

For any queries regarding the discontinuation of Showmax Pro, readers are directed to the FAQ page: